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Title: Jup 8V3 NKS and Komplete Kontrol (Plugin not found)
Post by: TagPass on June 16, 2016, 07:14:04 pm
Using Jup-V3 with Komplete Kontrol, I noticed that there are 269 patches that are part of a Jupiter-8 V2 bank -- which shows up in the Library panel alongside the V3 icon. Because I have only V3 installed on my Mac, none of these patches will load, instead returning a "Plugin not found" error. (Of course... it is looking for something that isn't there!)

All of the V2 .nksf files for these patches are installed in Jup-8 > Third Party > Native Instruments > presets folder as part of the latest V3 installer. There is no way to delete these files from inside of KK, other than to "Show in Finder" and remove each one individually. There is also no way to prevent the Jup-8V plugin icon (which doesn't exist on my system!) from appearing in the KK library because of these invalid library entries.

I've tried all of the usual rescanning the databases, rebuilding preference files, deleting .xmls, etc. to no avail. Completely uninstalled V3 and reinstalled from scratch, (which is how I discovered that the V2 .nksf files are included as part of the V3 installation). Any suggestions for getting rid of these unloadable sounds? Thanks!