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Title: Problems with Logic Pro X and Mac OS El Capitan.
Post by: Anders1492 on March 17, 2016, 10:47:40 pm
I'm using Macbook Pro with OS X El Capitan and Logic Pro X.
Arturia still seems to have some serious bug issues with The V Collection and the above platform.
I have installed and activated the V Collection and everything seems to work just fine.
When i try to open a saved project in Logic, 2 times out of three, i'm met with the following message:"Analog Lab is not activated on this computer, you'll need to reactivate or activate..."
So i deactivate the V Collection, then reactivate it and finally synchronize the licenses with Arturia servers.
I now have to shut Logic down and then restart it.
Now the V Collection is once again activated...but.....after i opened up my projects....all of the presets i've used are missing!
Sometimes, after opening up the actual Arturia instrument on a specific channel, you can see the correct preset, but you can't hear anything, so i have to pick a new preset and then reselect the original preset.
But on other occations there are just a questionmark in the instrument window and no preset are selected.
I also find that Logic crashes more often and there is always the same crass report: crashes due to Matrix12 file, or Solina file.....
Very, very annoying!
Any body out there experiencing similiar problems?