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Title: MIDI Controllers do not save, at all
Post by: Modnaro on November 15, 2015, 08:08:30 pm

I bought they KEYLAB49 along with the bundle of bitwig.

And i've been struggling for some time with the fact that the MIDI controllers that I save do not save at all.

Either they dont work when I load them, or they are on different knobs from which I saved them before.
Which leads me to mapping everything every single time I want to use either MINI V or Analog Labs.

And adding to that, half the time I use Analog labs, I cant have full controll over the Knob control, because there's a bug with either the keyboard or the software that leaves 1 knob out of my control leading 2 knobs controlling the same parameter. For example: leaves me 2 knobs controlling Cut off , leaving LFO out.

Is anyone having the same problem?

I'm annoyed because I've read many complaints on Arturias products. And as a customer, I bought something which (from reviews from people that work at Arturia) was as smooth as it could be to work with. And it's not. There's problems that other companys do not have.

As for now, I wouldn't recomend buying a product form Arturia.