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Title: Spark display only shows tempo
Post by: shabbyroad on August 27, 2015, 07:53:01 pm
I have read and re-read the manual but cannot identify a fix for this.

Environment:  Mac OSX 10.10.4    Mac mini server 2hGz core i7, 8GB RAM.
Logic pro 9  v 9.1.8 32-bit
Spark 2.11.650  [beta obtained from this site, was having same issue with previous release]
Hardware firmware up to date version

Issue:  when using the controller in Logic there is no feedback on the controller display when I make a change:

For example:
I used to be able to view the 'current step' in a 64 step sequence on the display of the Spark controller but the display only shows the tempo.   In fact for any 'shift'-click operation on the hardware there is no display feedback.   

The two 'chevron' buttons below the sequencer steps on the hardware work with the software as intended : they change the length of the pattern. However I have no feedback on the display to show that the pattern length has changed.   

Shift-click on the controller to enable/dis-able the metronome works but there is no visual feedback on the display.

When I use the standalone Spark application all of this works. I can make changes using the controller and I can see on the controller display what is happening.

However when I use Spark as an Audio Unit plug-in in Logic Pro the display on the controller only shows the current tempo.