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Title: Offers on individual software !
Post by: ben arturia on August 25, 2015, 05:36:19 pm
Many of you have asked for a promotion on our individual software, here it is! Arturia is currently offering a special discount on its range of software synthesizers.

Every day, Arturia celebrates a legendary album and offers a 50% rebate on a new individual software. They will remain at this promotional price until September 7th.

ARP 2600V, Solina V, Mini V, Prophet V, Jupiter-8 V, Wurlitzer V, Oberheim SEM V and Spark 2 are already discounted. Now is the best moment to get your hands on them.

Visit our website, discover the keyboards behind the most influential albums and get access to their authentic reproductions boosted with exceptional modulation possibilities and the most recent updates.
And if you still hesitate, download the demos of our synthesizers from their product pages.

Cheers  ;)