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Title: Analog Lab and expression pedal usage
Post by: salaboy on May 26, 2015, 12:53:27 pm
Hi there, I'm just trying to configure an expression pedal (Mg ep 3) into my Analog Laboratory 49 + Analog Lab (software latest version) and I'm having issues understanding what's the procedure to map the expression pedal to something in the User Interface. I was looking at the manual (analog lab PDF) and there is nothing in there about that.
I've already calibrated my expression pedal, and it is not working great.. but at least it is sending data to the controller, but the Analog Lab is not picking it up at all.. it seems that by default nothing is mapped to the expression pedal. I don't mind manually mapping parameters, but it doesn't seems to be a way to do that.
I've enabled the Midi Center and Midi Log output and I can see midi data being sent. Any recommendations?