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Title: Searching what sound used in a track
Post by: maxime77 on April 16, 2015, 07:38:14 pm

There is a soundtrack which use Arturia products to make the synths sounds. I can't really find the sound I'm searching to reproduce. It's at the beginning of these tracks:

As you can hear, It's faster it the 2nd track, but I'm assuming the same sound has been used. Maybe is it 2 synth which are playing together?

Here is what the composer used for his soundtrack in general (for the synths):
Hardware synths:  Dave Smith Prophet 08 | Dave Smith Polyevolver | Oberheim SEM | Arturia Minibrute
Software synths: Arturia's Oberheim SEMV and their various emulations of ARP, Mg, and JUPITER SYNTHS

Do you have an idea how I could reproduce this kind of Arpeggio (I think it is) to have it sound as close as possible?