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Title: Keylab49 synth sounds in ableton
Post by: rosm187 on February 26, 2015, 12:03:43 am

So this is my first midi keyboard and ive been using ableton for a couple months recording guitars, bass and vocals.  I just got the arturia keylab49 and I can map clips and samples and all to pads, and faders but its all done individually, one by one.  Is there a way to have them automatically mapped to the pads?  I would like to pick a drum setup and have them link to the pads.

Also, how can I use the synth sounds from the lab in ableton?  im not able to record actual piano parts, just whatever I map to pads/faders, ect.  I want to be able to record different synth sounds from the analog lab into ableton.

Do I need a midi cable to connect to my scarlette interface which records the rest of my instruments.

Sorry if this is a commonly asked question but ive read through a lot of the forums and its hard to find and exact answer as to what to do.  Any help is appreciated.