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Title: No sustain pedal by default
Post by: looneytunes on January 07, 2015, 01:47:04 am
I realize that the original machines had no sustain pedal input (but did have pedal inputs)

However .... In a live context, as a multi-keyboardist who is often tasked to play multiple parts, having an infinite sustain (eg. hold peak while sustain pedal (cc64) is down) becomes crucial.

Other plugs, like the Prophet V handle this with a preference (located in the about box).
It would be great if this were a standard across all of the Arturia plugs.  Inconsistent behavior also becomes noticeable in combinations of instruments (eg. in Analog Lab) with some instruments not respecting sustain.

For me, I can not use Matrix 12V live without growing another arm!

Thanks for listening!
Kevin L
Title: Re: No sustain pedal by default
Post by: andyjh on January 07, 2015, 10:52:32 am
It seems Arturia have copied the way the Matrix 12 works all the way,

Although Pedal 1 is normally Volume and Pedal 2 is sustain on the Oberheim, where as Arturia seem to have gone the other way.

So,  if you route the PEDAL 1 to ENV 1 RELEASE, and PEDAL 1 to ENV 2 RELEASE, and set the amount to MAX on both, that will give you the conventional "Hold Pedal" function.

Note that you may need to do the same for ENV 3,4 & 5 if used in a sound. (You can get some interesting "half" sustain effects using lower values)

This was also how the Matrix 12 worked for MIDI Volume as well,  you had to route a PEDAL to VCA 1,  though fortunately, Arturia have allowed the Matrix 12V to always receive CC7.

Note that this is Patch specific, so you have to do this for every Patch,

but this is totally faithful to how the Matrix 12 worked.

I cannot find anyway of changing the CC allocation to the pedals, PEDAL 1 is CC64 and PEDAL 2 is CC11 - they seem to be fixed.
Title: Re: No sustain pedal by default
Post by: looneytunes on January 07, 2015, 11:06:27 pm
Thanks for the reply, Andy.

It's interesting, the choices that arturia and other companies make - in terms of how far to model original behavior (as in the pedal inputs you described), vs. support of Midi functionality and standard behavior (as in support of volume on CC7).

While I understand the method that you described for achieving 'sustain' behavior, reprogramming sounds to those routing is terribly inconvenient. 

I would totally be in favor of a convenience option (in a way similar to Prophet V) that holds envelope peaks (if I want that behavior) - as an option, it wouldn't contradict original machine behavior.   Might also win a few more fans in terms of putting usability first.

Kevin L
Title: Re: No sustain pedal by default
Post by: looneytunes on January 30, 2015, 12:08:33 am
Actually, on further review, this is not the same solution as 'infinite sustain' (ie. where the VCA envelope is being held at the sustain level until cc64 is released).   This is different because the VCA volume is decaying while a sustain pedal is being held.  Granted, the MatrixV 's max sustain decays at a relatively slow rate - however that is not entirely usable when you need volume held at a static level upon a depressed sustain pedal.  It's impossible to keep mixes with relative volumes on multiple synths this way.

Kevin L