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Title: Sequencer Question
Post by: argutus on January 02, 2015, 05:15:35 pm

I just recieved my Arturia MiniBrute SE. My Question is this. Can you enter a series of notes in record mode. and then when in play mode, have that sequence of notes be played back as a loop.

Without having to hold one of the keyboard keys down? Hands free? I saw a U-Tube where a guy did "On the Run" cover by Pink Floyd. Using a Minibrute SE and it looks like its hands free. But I dont know how it was done. I thought switching the Gate Source from KBD to Hold would do it. But no luck.

Title: Re: Sequencer Question
Post by: Chi on January 02, 2015, 08:17:02 pm
Sure you can,

In the editor software or you can use CC 105 at any value above 64 and it will go into sequencer hold mode.  Your looking for sequencer play mode rather than gate mode.  Be sure that the sequencer is set to recieve clock either internally or if you are using an external clock source that it is running and it will work.

I have set up a Lemur template for sending CC's to the minibrute so I dont need to launch the editor to make changes. 

Be warned that switching between Play and Stop on the minibrute whilst playing leads to some strange behaviour.

Good luck
Title: Re: Sequencer Question
Post by: argutus on January 02, 2015, 08:48:40 pm
Thanks Chi. Im new at this. LOL. what is CC 105? Can you give me directions :)
Title: Re: Sequencer Question
Post by: Chi on January 03, 2015, 01:57:09 am
No problem!

A CC is a Control Change message which is part of the midi protocol.  Just like when you press a note on a midi keyboard it will send a midi note message like "note-on 36 at velocity 127" to trigger a note in a VST at middle C at full velocity, a control change or CC is a midi message sent usually from a knob, slider or button - although you can send CC messages from a keyboard key or a DAW too!

There are 127 different CC's that can be used to send messages to and from midi gear and often synthesizers will be programmed to respond to a selection of these - for changing the volume or filter ect...

If you are using a DAW or a midi controller then these can be set to send these messages to your minibrute.

The minibrute recieves midi data on midi channel 1 by default so you would need to send a CC message to it using this channel. The CC number you need is 105 and its value set higher than 64.

Are you using a DAW to record the minibrute? If so which one? Do you have a midi keyboard?

Let me know, hope this helps a bit, I might be able to help more if not.

Good luck! ;D

PS. I believe you can do this just using the software editor aswell without needing a DAW. I'm not certain but it should be a setting under the sequencer options - sequencer play mode I think.  This should be set to hold.