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Title: missing sounds after update
Post by: FeskyBez on November 05, 2012, 07:36:38 pm
Hi does anyone know if it's possible to retrieve sounds from earlier versions of Arturia soft synths? I recently bought and installed V collection and this has automatically updated ARP2600, Mg Modular and CS80 which I already had installed on my Mac. Now when I load a Logic project which used these instruments, I get a dialogue box which says something like 'unable to load arp2600" and the corresponding  channel strip shows the instrument insert eg ARP2600 with a diagonal line through it. When I select the new version of the instrument from the drop down list instead, it goes straight to the first factory preset and doesn't load my saved sound. I didn't save the sounds within the soft synth plug in, only within the Logic project file. Someone please help!