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Title: Launch of the New Arturia Software Center System
Post by: Adrien on November 27, 2014, 03:41:59 pm

I have the pleasure to announce to all of you that we have released the Mini V 2.6.0 which includes the Arturia Software Center.

Important notice: For now only the Mini V uses this new system, the other wils come very soon!

As some of you may already know we have been using eLicenser for several years to protect our softwares from piracy.

However it seems that this solution was not giving a very good user experience to our users, some needing to change of Computers need to generate new activation, some have difficulties to resell, and we are not always able to help them.
In addition to this, we have more and more software requiring more updates as the OS and DAWs evolve more quickly, and even if we try to it is currently hard to update often and quickly our user base instruments.

In order to solve this we decided to create the Arturia Software Center. This tool will help you to:

I hope you will enjoy it!