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Title: Arturia 32 key Analog Experience The Factory controller script for Bitwig?
Post by: syntheticzen on October 31, 2014, 03:51:56 pm
I have posted this on Bitwig forum as well, but just in case someone here knew...

Wondering if there is anyone working on a controller script for Bitwig for the Arturia Analog Experience The Factory 32 key keyboard controller? Would any of the Keylab scripts work?

I also have the keylab 49, but I prefer using my 32 when I am everywhere but in my studio because it is so portable (fits all together with laptop and keyboard in a single small bag), and has more range (Without hitting octave buttons) than the 25.

Anyhow, if no one is working on a script, how hard would it be to take, for example, the Keylab 25 or 49 controller script and hack it to match the 32?