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Title: Two different behaviours STANDALONE vs. ABLETON
Post by: z1reticuli on July 26, 2014, 10:30:55 am
I had a problem with the knobs, obviously they were not set to ABSOLUTE MODE. The help desk was in communication with me, and I could put it to absolute, which included updating the midi interface, learning how to reset the HW, etc.
Now, in STANDALONE, all is fine, in ABLETON, no change...
The MIDI INTERFACE tells me it cannot sync (error), although I can control the instrument in my mac... what the hell should that mean. The midi interface also cannot identify the SW version.
I might me dumb, I admit, I might have the MIDI setup in Ableton wrong. Therefore I am attaching the screenshots, so you could advise/disrespect me or anything that would help me to work with MiniLab in Ableton the normal way. THANKS TO YOU ALL