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Title: iMini only maps to Keyboard, Ribbon and Mod wheel
Post by: rmm123 on June 01, 2014, 11:57:40 pm
I am trying to use my Origin keyboard to control my iMINI

I have noticed that with the iMini the only things the Origin can map to are Keyboard, Ribbon controller and the Mod wheel.

None of the physical  buttons on Origin can be mapped.

It seems others are having the same problem.   Tech support locally has no idea.

Is working on things like Microbrute, or Keylab?   Pity it really has great potential..

I am using MIDI via the USB port not the actual MIDI ports.    Am I better off buying an IRIG _again none of the stores can help me with this.  No Point buying a Microbrute or iRIG if it won't work anyway.

Thanks in advance