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Title: Aftertouch try, pitch bend broken and no aftertouch sentů fix
Post by: mkultra on April 20, 2014, 05:35:44 am
So I tried to recalibrate my aftertouch with the instructions on pg 46 of the manual and was left with a keyboard that didn't transmit aftertouch and whose pitch wheel didn't work.  After spending about an hour searching the internet, I finally came across a solution in french.  Please translate and repost this page:,clavier-analog-factory-et-calibration-aftertouch.html

 To summarize: enter calibration mode: power while holding the Shift button and the Search button to select the after touch: press (forcefully) a key => 3 LED should light calibrate min: while exerting the desired minimum pressure, press "Octave -" calibrate max: while exerting maximum pressure desired, press "Octave +" Exit the calibration mode: press the search button Do not put immediately on (updated flash memory occurs after a slight delay)

After doing this, and waiting a bit, things started to work again and I did another initialize