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Title: Reason 7 as a DAW
Post by: baxterdavid on April 10, 2014, 12:20:09 pm
I don't use VSTs and have no interest in Reason's software instruments, but how do people find Reason for working with audio? My sound sources will be hardware, I just want to record it, add some native effects, and arrange/mix everything.

I have Logic 9 and Live 8 and plan on upgrading both eventually but I'm not too into either after working with them for over five years. I have heard good things about Reason's mixer with its built-in eq and comp. I am usually just cutting up audio and adding crossfades when I connect different bits. I want something stable and fast to work with.

I know there's a demo but I would have to upgrade my (mac) OS first, and I wanted to hear some user opinions first. So I guess put simply, is Reason good for arranging and mixing audio?
Title: Re: Reason 7 as a DAW
Post by: mattplay on April 16, 2014, 11:03:32 pm
I find it odd that you are not happy with recording and editing audio into Logic or Ableton... I doubt Reason would offer much better of a workflow in that regard. However, I do believe the latest Reason has offered some nifty features for integrating external hardware into the Reason rack. Which includes CV & Gate routing.