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Title: 1.5 Work Flow
Post by: ShoTrinBago on October 08, 2012, 02:11:14 pm
After 1 week spent with 1.5 workflow;
1_Effects, turning master switch on then off, the  effects assigned to any track is still active even though the switch  indicates OFF.
2_Pitch, after you sequence a melody with Pitch mode, playing over the sequenced melody using pads or external keyboard affects the playing melody from the sequencer, eg; pitch follows what you are currently playing live sometimes ignoring the sequencer's recorded events.
3_Browser, Yes... The present format is cool but working with all these sounds make it unwelcoming, "sorry to do this"
Camel Audio Alchemy had a similar issue with users but came closer to solving it in there latest update. Note!
4_Wish List, Work to be done to please every user's personal workflow preference, personally, I wish next update includes the ability to play long phrases with more control, eg;  I should be able to press the pad or external controller and play the "long" sample/phrase for as long as I want to not having to listen to the entire thing.

In My Opinion, Spark Drum Machine is exactly that, and could very well be the best at it... presently.
Title: Re: 1.5 Work Flow
Post by: ShoTrinBago on November 07, 2012, 11:30:43 am
To all My "Sparker"
Can the next Spark be totally independent from the computer?, even have a basic bank of instrument to get going but if we need to, have all the extra goodies and power the computer adds.
Maybe a new hardware controller.
Note on/off for better sample control.