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Title: 1.4 & SEM presets?
Post by: Hakon on September 13, 2012, 02:30:43 pm

After trying in vain for a couple of months I finally succeeded in getting my PC to talk to the Origin + successfully upgraded to 1.4

I was expecting to see new "Oberheim'ish" presets using the new SEM filter++ but I found no new presets at all - did I do a mistake? Could it be that I accidentally made a back-up of the existing presets and then re-loaded them as part of the upgrade procedure?

The reason i want the Oberheim presets is that I bought SEM V, and is has a few outstanding sounds (plus a large numbers of fairly uninteresting ones). However, SEM V will not run on my main sequencer (Sonar 5), only on Sonar XL, which IMHO is a step backwards from 5....the waste of screen space in XL if surprising, i feel as if i am sequencing on my phone :-)

(Tried getting help from Arturia Tech Support, but no reply....these guys make good products but have the lousiest support in the business. )

Anyone know of any Oberheim'ish presets?

Newbie question: does a PC based programmer for the Origin exist? Would be nice as the screen on the device is fairly small and cluttered.



Title: Re: 1.4 & SEM presets?
Post by: Philippe on September 13, 2012, 02:48:50 pm
In the archive that contains the 1.4.0 firmware you should find 2 sound banks which contain some presets based on the new modules (the SEM Filter and the VoiceModulator).