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Title: Misc. Ramblings
Post by: aaron aardvark on September 03, 2012, 10:03:06 am
When Arturia first came out with Analog Laboratory, it didn't seem like that much of an improvement to me over Analog Factory, which I owned along with Prophet V and later Mg Modular-V.  Then Arturia gave me a great price for the V-Collection 2 with Analog Laboratory, as a repeat customer (several months ago).  Then Laboratory was rather nice to have.  Also discovered the automated controls which Factory didn't have.  Now that I was able to get Oberheim SEM-V and Wurlitzer sounds for free recently, this Laboratory is really nice!!  Now that Arturia dropped the price on Laboratory, it seems like a very good deal in my opinion.  Also, the joystick works on the SEM-V sounds for me with Cubase LE4 and an iMac while using Laboratory (which was an issue for me with the trial version of Oberheim SEM-V).