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Title: "Keyb Ribbon" mod source not working on Origin Keyboard
Post by: hermitnerd on August 30, 2012, 06:53:00 pm

Not a very high priority for me but just thought I'd mention this: I find that the ribbon only works via the keboard follow (KBF KF), but not independently via "Keyb Ribbon".

Steps to reproduce:

1. New->Simple Program (note the ribbon bends the Osc pitch)
2. OSC1->FM->Replace Connection
3. Replace "KBF KF 1" with Keyboard->Ribbon (note the ribbon no longer bends pitch)

While I'm posting this, does the ribbon transmit any MIDI CC? Could I control other synths with the ribbon? If not would this be easy to implement (maybe with an on/off switch in system settings because it probably generates a lot of CC messages)