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Title: HOW to create a sequence?
Post by: keithm on May 05, 2012, 07:20:23 am
Anyone got a step by step cabling tip to, say, get one oscillator to start running the sequence? My brain just isn't getting a handle on it. I'm cool playing with the filters and oscillators, tweaking all the waveforms & stuff, but after spending time with the manual and glancing over presets I just can't make sense of how to get one of those sounds to run through a sequence with all these variables to consider. Anyone???  ???
Title: Re: HOW to create a sequence?
Post by: YESMAN on May 05, 2012, 03:04:07 pm
 To have an Osc track the Seq output, take a cable from the Quantized A out (upper right in the Seq panel) and plug that into the Kybd CV input of the OSC you want to control. Set the Kybd CV attenuator all the way up (If the attenuator is not all the way up you will be doing some microtonal stuff, cool if that's what you want, not so cool if you're looking to be in standard tuning). Play a note on your Kybd and depending on your current patch you will hear the Osc change pitch based on the settings of the 16 attenuators in the seq. That is the basic sequencer pitch CV out to an Osc path. You can also get into the seq triggering the Env's, or set it for 1/8 and drive two Osc at different pitch patterns........ Do a search online, you can find the original manual for the Arp seq it is helpful. Getting a template together of the basic config you're looking for is a good way to keep some control over the  synth when you're trying to figure it out. This way when things get mixed up you can go back to the template. This is of the top, I'm not at my gear, post if you need more info. Hope this helps you get started.

This bit is from a previous post referring to the triggering of the Seq clock
You still need to connect the GATE output of the AR module to the start/stop input of the Sequencer module - this will ensure that your keyboard triggers the sequencer. The quantise output connected to the VCO1 cv kbd input is used to control the frequency of the oscillators: if you dial the values of the steps in the sequencer up, you should hear higher frequency sounds.
Title: Re: HOW to create a sequence?
Post by: keithm on May 08, 2012, 01:34:53 am
Yesman makes my week! Thank you!  ;D