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Title: SEM V Suggestions (a lot)
Post by: erwan on December 19, 2011, 11:49:09 am
Hello everybody,

I had the chance to be owner of a "real" modular Oberheim 6 voice with programmer.

First, congratulations for the sound of SEM V, very close to original.
To be even closer, here is some suggestions :

- Unison mode: 8 voices together, believe me it's something. Listen to Weather Report's Birdland intro !

- Sustain pedal - yes it works but only in absolute mode 0-127 instead of the initial value of decay/release pot to 127

-Pitch bend value in semitones - tryed to set an in-tune value in the modulation panel ?

- Release switch ( la MiniMg )

Thank you and merry Christmas to you all

Title: Re: SEM V Suggestions (a lot)
Post by: zahzahtron on January 02, 2012, 08:59:50 pm

Voice Allocation could include a Priority Mode, that would always want to restart with card 1 when keys are RE-depressed. So if only one key is pressed, only card 1 is active. But cards 2, 3, etc only come into play as more keys are depressed together, as opposed to always stepping through all cards like FWD Mode.