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Title: Help with MMv in Ableton-Anyone using it?
Post by: viger on December 06, 2011, 04:41:53 pm
Hi,  I have Analog Laboratory and V-Collection and I'm trying to use it in Ableton Live to run a set for live performances.  I see that AL/V-Collection does not respond to MIDI program changes.  I need to have a different sound/patch in different patterns within Live.

I have our entire set list in 1 Ableton Live Set.  The goal is to run each scene within Live as a separate song.  Starting the Live scene sends patch changes to all of my equipment.  I am hoping that there is a way to make this also work with AL/V-coll so that when I change the scene within Live, the appropriate sound is called up within Al/V-coll.

Has anyone figured out a work-around for this?  As much as I love the sounds in these products, their implementations seem to be VERY limiting!

Thanks for your help.