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Title: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: Manuel on November 29, 2011, 11:56:10 pm
RE: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!

I just purchased ARTURIA AE THE LABORATORY last week, because of your ďSpecial-OfferĒ. But I totally regret this! You sold me an unusable piece of trash that is not worth half the money I paid for it.
As everybody can read in the forum, there are hundreds of bugs and issues, youíre not able to solve. The communication between the soft- and hardware is nothing but a mess. Iím not your ďbeta-testerĒ. No, Iím not a tester at all! I wanted to buy a product to produce and perform my music. I never had in mind to spend my hardly earned money for a nonworking practically worthless MIDI-Controller, that looks nice but functions in no way. Itís impossible! And itís incredible brazen to make a publicity-campaign and sell such a thing to the credulous customers, that thought to get a high-quality music instrument.
Iím not sure what the workers at your company are doing, but I really think you were sending them all into summer holydays because of your big summer sale and no one went back. Is this the problem? Are there people working at the ARTURIA-Company or is it just this one ape from your advertisement?
Youíre talking about ďthe perfect dealĒ? Iíve got the perfect deal for you guys:
Give me back my money and I will not translate this into ten other languages and post it on Facebook and all around the internet! Maybe I should make a ďWatch me while Iím trying to produce with your AE THE CRAP-ORATORYĒ video and upload it on Youtube!
Now Iím sure that the ARTURIA-Company does not care about their users. They donít even react on their support requests! You allege that you will answer requests in max. 48 hours. But, 96 hours after I have sent the request there was still no answer. And Iím sure there will be no answer in almost 96 days! Is it a part of your business to wind up users? Donít you think that this just destroys your name? Your reputation is already tarnished and now you released THE LABORATORY 61. What about the problems users already have with THE PLAYER, THE FACTORY and THE LABORATORY 49? Donít you see them that critically, did you forget them? Oh sorry, I forgot that you donít care about us!
Weíre the people supporting your work! So why donít you support us? You leave us alone whit a half done product that is just not working as it should. Please ARTURIA, show me just one vendee that is pleased with your product!
Iím really thinking about calling a lawyer and just suing your company for that! And Iím sure there would be thousands of people that would gave me right. The point here is: The sold product is delivered unfinished and in unusable conditions. Is this what you had advertised for? I donít think so. You just canít sell such a product to people! If this would be a car, thousands of people would probably be death right now. Itís just like a car without functioning engine and breaks. Also the steering is faulty and does uncontrollable actions.
Finalizing all I can say is: I will never buy any ARTURIA-Product again!

This is just a part of what I think!

Is this the solution?

Install the Laboratory MIDI Control Center Update Version 1.0.1 (

Laboratory MIDI Control Center 1.0.1 ( Win (

Laboratory MIDI Control Center 1.0.1 ( Mac (
Title: Re: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: hhsoullover on November 30, 2011, 12:14:13 am
I totally agree. I've seen the ad for the 61 controller saying that it's a stable midi-controller for use with any daw or softsynth and I had to laugh. I call that a straight forward lie.
I also can't believe, that the support of arturia is that bad.

But I think, I will do a "10 Bugs that Arturia doesn't even react to"-Vid on youtube to bring a bit of truth to people who want to decide if they should buy goodlooking trash or not.

The only upright reaction of arturia would be offering a money-back-deal, because arturia has sold a product, that doesn't exist. What exists is a piece of white metal, that is not usuable for making music and that doesn't hold the promises arturia made while selling it.
Title: Re: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: Manuel on November 30, 2011, 01:16:43 am
But I think, I will do a "10 Bugs that Arturia doesn't even react to"-Vid on youtube

Would be nice if you could try to describe them and then post them here (

The Big Bugs And Issues! (
Title: Re: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: Antoine on November 30, 2011, 09:37:00 am
Hi Manuel & hhsoullover,

I cannot answer on your massive list of criticisms towards the Analog Laboratory, I will let someone a bit more competent and cool-headed here to do so.

But I can try to help on the Technical Support side, because it is the main part of my job.
After diving in the  database I could not retrieve any case number related to any of you, at least based on your current email addresses.
However, if you have a case number to offer (6-digit, generated by the first automatic email response), please drop it to me via private mail and I will process it asap, and most of all will investigate why they had not been processed before.

All the best,

Title: Re: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: hhsoullover on December 01, 2011, 12:26:27 pm
Hi Antoine,
I listed some of my problems here: (
Actual problem right now:
I try to change the mode-setting of the record-button and the cycle-button in the sequencer-section to Ctrl Toggle. It is simply not possible. I change the setting, press the preset-push-encoder, press the store button, press the preset encoder, getting asked if I'm sure that i wanna store, press the preset-encoder again, and what do I see?

The mode is still control mode.
That makes the record and cycle-functions in reason unusuable.
But it's not a reason problem.
Why do I have got a store-option, when my settings don't get stored?
Title: Re: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: jeancedric on December 11, 2011, 06:15:14 pm

Got the same problem with logic, can't control my DAW with the sequencer's button of the laboratory keyboard ...
Title: Re: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: hhsoullover on December 15, 2011, 09:01:29 pm
hi jeancedric,
what helped me generally using the sequencerbuttons in reason, was a tip by manuel. He changed the controllernumbers and modes.
Read the forth post here:
Hope that helps!
Title: Re: There Is No Excuse ARTURIA!
Post by: ezekii on January 09, 2012, 11:20:27 am
i`ve just got a new mac(LION), installed all the newest updates, and what it`s happening is that LOGIC 9(latest update) isn` recognizing the keyboard at all, even the keys aren`t working well to record the midi!

i`ve been reading the forum, but could`t find any solution,

i think the ARTURIA team are all on holiday!
Title: Honestly? Ill send it back tomorrow
Post by: welaze on October 30, 2012, 08:15:07 pm
Arturia - torture instruments!
Laboratory 61
I did not have any minute fun with this heavy piece of crap. Sorry arturia but nothing works like it should. Laboratory keeps crashing live.. nice job! sucks a lot
knobs do not work..
the best solution for who?