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Title: Origin will not boot up
Post by: RG on August 11, 2011, 10:28:05 pm
I am rather dissapointed with Arturia Origin

I had one of the first units it was replaced then the 2nd unit had a usb problem
sent it back for repair now when I switch it on I get a blank screen with all the lights froze!
Does'nt it figure now that it's out of warranty

I can'nt even begin to express how disappointed I am in this synth I have synths going back to 1993 and not a problem what a rip Arturia. Any how I have a release coming out in the next few months and do'nt have the time to fiddle around with my trashed machine!

I am usually not the angry type but this puts me over the edge...

Yeh I know make out a support ticket then screw around for another 30 days that I do not have time for. Sweetwater wise up and quit selling stuff that does not work !!!


Title: Re: Origin will not boot up
Post by: d3x on August 03, 2019, 04:52:57 pm

I see that you've had problems with your Origin some time ago.
I accidentally killed my Origin Desktop 3 weeks ago and desperately looking for a faulty one for parts.

I emailed arturia asking for the diagram but I didn't get it. So chances of repair are very low.

I was hoping to find a donor somewhere, but there is really no faulty ones on ebay or reverb.

Please let me know if you by any chance have a faulty unit and would like to sell it for parts or have access to the schematics.

Here or d3x AT

Regards, Dex