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Title: [FR] Faster "Select" for SoundSlots
Post by: guardner on June 14, 2011, 12:47:48 pm

- It would be great for a FASTER workflow to have the possibility to press a button for switching between A: "Select" (as it is now, for example: press "Select" then press a PAD to select the soundslot you want to edit) and B: "FAST Select" (for example: Press "Select" for 2 sec. then it is blinking... ;) now you are in "Fast Selection Mode", that means you everytime you hit a PAD, the PAD is selected and in EDIT mode!! VERY USEFULL for live performances).

But i think we need BOTH modes.
Title: Re: [FR] Faster "Select" for SoundSlots
Post by: Koshdukai on June 14, 2011, 02:29:51 pm
I agree with this suggestion, giving the option for the Selection to latch by holding it and unlatch on a 2nd press.

If I'm not mistaken, something like this was discussed/suggested during beta testing.

It would be great that this could show up on a future version :)