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Title: Spark
Post by: Teacee on May 14, 2011, 03:07:49 pm
I just received the Spark yesterday and wanted to give my two cents. I like the look and feel  it,except the legs stand feel a little fragile, but still in all nice weight to it and a very nice controller. Now as far as the installation and authorization easy and straight forward. I have run into a few bugs a few times already such as not changing effects when using the roller pad, so times it works and sometimes it may not work or it may use the wrong effect.  I also have had trouble using it as a virtual instrument in pro tools and logic. I have to restart spark for it to work and then ignore an update message. I feel it has a fast learning curve and is very fun to play. I can compare it with the Korg Electribe which  I use on my iPad. I see the comments where people try to compare it with Native Instruments Maschine, whichnis apple in oranges, two different products. Yes they ar both hybrid and require a computer but Maschine is more of a workstation, where as spark is more of a drum machine and a great midi controller for instruments and djing.