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Title: ARP2600V messing with my fades!?
Post by: Gothboy on April 09, 2011, 06:14:45 pm
So in the latest of bizzare behaviors I have this to report: On the Pro Tools session I'm currently working on I wrote over 200 fades on my vocal regions...only later did I learn that when I re-opened the session 173 are missing. The thing is though...they're NOT missing. I have another OS drive that does not have Automap on I boot into that to test cruddy inaneity on it....guess what? All fades there. So I booted back to the other drive fades.  At first I was convinced this was Automap to blame....but then remembered that the ARP2600 wasn't wrapped by Automap because it crashes the Automap plugin manager(Check into that as well Arturia...).
     Then for some reason I made the ARP2600 track inactive and BAM....all my fades come back online.

Please get testing Arturia it's time.