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Title: V 2.02 a total bust
Post by: Gothboy on January 12, 2011, 01:48:37 am your attempt to "improve sluggishness" with the 2600 you have somehow made a grave error and made it worse:

After I upgraded to 2.02 the Arp 2600 can't work with Automap and crashes it's plugin manager rendering that part of Automap inoperable unless the plugin is removed from it's RTAS/VST/AU folders.  I heard reports of the same issue with the MiniMg 2.02.

Not only that but it behaves erratically especially when working in the keyboard part of the GUI it keeps flipping up to the synth part!

What I want to do is just go back to using the earlier version but I still have the same Automap issue: No control and I can't wrap/unwrap plugins.

Antoine what was done to cause this and how can I re-install 2.0 so I can control this 76 CC thing?