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Title: Compatibility under Windows Seven
Post by: Antoine on August 31, 2010, 05:32:47 pm
However STORM is neither sold nor maintained anymore, you are a nice amount of people who cannot forget its simple but efficient work flow.

Thanks to one of you, dear STORM addicts, a tip may give a further living to your favorite virtual studio, at least under the Windows Seven operating system.
I paste here the message we received at the Tech Support dept:

I got Storm to work in Win7 64 bit (even better than before) by going to:
 Properties > Compatibility > Play in Vista Mode (check box)
So Storm is not outdated and anyone who contacts you should be told about this procedure.
I gave it several tests and it passed every time.
Richard H.

So far for Arturia, STORM compatibility has run until Windows XP, and ceased with Windows Vista, so please use this tip at your own risk.

Anyway, thanks a lot to you Richard!  8)