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Title: Mini Mg V Oscillator 3 used as an LFO
Post by: on August 15, 2010, 02:41:18 pm
Hi All,

I hope some of you experts can help this novice. I understand the fundamentals of synthesis, and I just bought and use the Mini V, but one thing I noticed is the shortcoming of using Oscillator 3 as an LFO. I'm using the Mini V in its emulation of the original Mini Mg D settings.

Anyway, when using Oscillator 3 in the Lo mode as an LFO modulator to the other two oscillators, it seems limited in its range. It modulates very slowly with very little range, but when I crank oscillator 3 one level higher to '32, there is no continous spectrum, it jumps to a much higher oscillation rate, so there is a big gap in the LFO rate. Is this how the original Mini was? The CS-80 has a continuous range I noticed.

I'm aware I can overcome this by using the Matrix, but I'm curious how the original mini-Mg users dealt with this shortcoming, or is it just the Mini V that has this problem?

Many thanks