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Title: New eLCC released!
Post by: Antoine on September 15, 2009, 10:22:18 am
Hi everyone,

The new eLicenser Control Center has been released, and changes its major version number to 6.

As usual, you will find it there:

Main new features:

You will also notice (and possibly appreciate) the appearance of a clear "Transfer resume" function.

More info in the Release Notes (

Sounds like there is still a filthy bug concerning a specific USB-eLicenser hardware dongle series under Mac OS X 10.4, which fix is currently being tested at Syncrosoft's and shall be released in the following weeks.
Any doubt? ==> please stick with earlier 5.x version, or get back to as explained in this CS-80V2 Beta test thread (

Note for Windows operating systems, the eLCC requires the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework from Microsoft, which shall cause no issue if your service pack is up-to-date.

All the best,

Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: moogy blues on December 01, 2009, 08:54:18 pm
Korg have just moved over to a challenge response system that eliminates the USB dongle. Any chance Arturia can consider this in future?
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: Antoine on December 02, 2009, 09:57:35 am
As we have just switched all our synths to the eLicenser system, it would be a bit premature to foresee another complete switch to a challenge-response (or any other) protection system.

Once again, eLicenser means either Soft-eLicenser (virtual dongle) or USB-eLicenser (Hardware dongle), so in most cases you can use only the virtual one (attached to your hard drive) with no need of the hardware one.
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: moogy blues on December 03, 2009, 07:06:42 pm
Ah, ok, my main issue is to eliminate the hardware usb dongle
but I was hoping to use a desktop and laptop (not at the same time)
so the hardware dongle would be the only way to do this as two
virtual licences would not be allowed. Correct?
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: Cc on December 07, 2009, 11:55:41 pm
I just got the V-Collection.

Is it possible to transfer ALL the soft synths included in that package to the virtual eLicenser?

I'm having serious problems with the hardware one.

Cheers! /Cc
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: Antoine on December 08, 2009, 11:12:12 am
The Jupiter-8V and Prophet-V are "hard-dongled" only.
The other ones are "soft-dongled", therefore can be stored either on Soft-eLicenser or USB-eLicenser.
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: Cc on December 11, 2009, 01:40:29 pm
Will the upcoming updates/new versions of Jupiter 8 and Prophet be "soft-dongled" or stay as they are, hard-dongled?

Seems I got the other synths in my V-Collecton to work with the soft option. Whereas I still have the "lost connection" issues with the hardware dongle - and subsequently cannot use my J8 & Prophet more than intermittently.

Cheers /Cc
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: SWANG on December 16, 2009, 09:07:57 pm
hello.  i am moving and will have to sell my desktop.  how will i be able to install my Mg modular v 2.5 on my new laptop system given the limitations of the elicenser system?  it is currently installed on my desktop; i'd like to install on my new laptop soon. please advise as the mmv is one of my favorite pieces of software.
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: Antoine on December 17, 2009, 09:52:14 am
As per these notes (, it is safe to transfer your license on an USB-eLicenser; installing on the new computer will be as simple as:
1. install the latest MMV update
2. plug the dongle
3. play the synthesizer
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: SWANG on December 17, 2009, 07:40:53 pm
thank you.  i will try this.  i'm unfamiliar with the process so if there are problems, i will contact you again.  i'm assuming the dongle would be a flash drive/usb key, yes?
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: TiUser on January 18, 2010, 08:45:12 pm
Challenge response is a nightmare and my least choice!
But if people want that so much - eLicenser can bind licences to a certain single machine too, without dongle, right?

Dongles are better, I can use the license on any machine I like, without multiple online - authorizing - machine bound hassle...

Finally I prefer serial numbers - but I can understand that makers find that protection too weak.
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: pounce on February 09, 2010, 07:16:38 pm
Perfectly happy to be using a dongle.

The elcc is working fine for most of my synths. I have the V Collection. The discs which came in the box were quite old. I had begun installing from the discs first. It appears I may have installed things in the "wrong" order. As such, my arp2600 and cs80 synths are not working. The V1 of those synths do work, but don't show up on the elcc. The V2, which I want to use, are not authorized. I have not determined any way to reinstall or otherwise get the proper authorizations for those two synths onto my elcc dongle to get things working.

oddly, and this may be part of the problem, I can only register one of my synths online here. My profile currently only shows the prophet V synth. The other license numbers from the included card in my box are rejected from my online profile here, so therefore my user page does not show the other synths. Many authorization pages here reference using those online registrations to get an authorization onto the elcc, but I cannot do that as I've had both registration and authorization issues with this software.

That said, I've installed the latest versions from this site and all but the arp2600 and cs80 seem to be working fine and authorized fine on my system. Only those two are problematic. I am concerned that my user page only shows one synth from the v collection as registered.

I have emailed tech support, but it seems to take a week to get a response. We've traded a message or two, which means I've been having this problem for a few weeks now. I would like to see this working already. Any help appreciated.
Title: Re: New eLCC released!
Post by: Le Castle Vania on June 04, 2010, 09:09:04 pm
I'm sorry to say this but the use of this elicenser has become a complete nightmare for me. i recently had my home broken into and my laptop stolen with my USBkey in it :( luckily i was running time machine on my laptop and there for had everything backed up on an external hard drive. When i got my new laptop all i had to do was hook up my hard drive and restore from my time machine backup which made my new computer basically 100% exactly the same as my old computer was when i last backed it up. This restored all of my software and plug-ins and everything is working fine with the exception of my Arturia plugins due to the key being stolen as well. Not a big deal right? i just went online and ordered a new key from Arturia and had them restored the licenses onto the new key... you would think this would be the end of it and that my plugs would work fine now as the point of the key is supposed to be that you can use the plug-ins on any computer as long as the USB key is plugged in however... not so in my case the plugins will not work siting an error from the eLicenser with my system finger print (i am guessing this has to do with me restoring from a time machine back up from another computer) i have now sent countless emails back and forth with technical support several with no response at all and was finally issued a manual repair permission that was set for my Soft-eLicenser... however that did not correct the problem and i still can't use the plugins which i payed hard earned money for.

I do of course recognize and understand that my case is an extremely rare circumstance but i definitely feel that as a music professional (100% of my income comes from music) the use of your products is a HUGE liability especially because of the fact that i can not even open a single project which i have used your plugins on so i have tons of songs which i have started and worked on over time which can not be accessed until this issue is resolved. this has gone on for nearly two weeks, extremely valuable time for a professional, i'm even sponsored by several other music software companies (Native Instruments, Ableton, Sugar Bytes, Fabfilter, D16) and have done endorsements for their products on their websites.

I'm sorry to leave such negative comments about your products in a public forum. i am sure that Arturia is passionate about creating quality products but i truly feel that your consumers should be warned of the risks involved... most music professionals just can not afford this sort of down time and extremely slow technical support. I really hope that you guys strongly consider switching to a new system.

i should also note that i did have several Korg licenses on the same USB  but have had no issues with the korg plug-ins as they have decided to drop the use of the elicense key and now offer Challenge/Response License Authorization. Most companies that do this allow you to license at least 2 computers and i definitely think this is a much better and less intrusive system.