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Title: Analog Factory midi problems
Post by: iseethegoodinyou on June 14, 2009, 01:48:24 am
I am having a alot of problems I use AF in standalone mode only. first being anytime I open AF I have to go into options and select the midi controller everytime before I can use it. Then AF doesnt remember my midi preferences the controls always change. I will set them up and then they wont work the next time. I have 8 buttons that I program to use the 8 snapshots with and they never work. I can get it to work once or twice but then once I use the mouse it loses the midi connections and I have to close the program and reopen and setup again.. Very frustrating. I have reinstalled everything 2-3 times to no avail. I have all the latest updates for the controller, and AF. my setup is as follows:

Dell laptop 2.0 Core 2 duo
4gb ram
7200rpm 100 gb HD
Win XP sp3 - Brand new image.
Analog Factory 2.2.1
M-audio keyrig 25 midi controller