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Title: prophet v not working properly
Post by: bugedout on August 10, 2008, 11:38:45 am
just got the prophet v installed and updated but ain't doin what it should the sounds can be hissy the graphic interface gets greyed out and unusable on hybrid overall not impressed these softsynths cost alot and it seems  arturia is in no hurry to resolve these issues as the problem i stated was first posted on jan 08
come on arturia get your finger out and sort these issues out
Title: Re: prophet v not working properly
Post by: bugedout on August 13, 2008, 06:58:44 pm
The problem is this plug-in is a memory eater get faster and more memory and it will work i had 1g which i thought would have been enough but i was wrong sorry arturia it was my hardware not your program
Title: Re: prophet v not working properly
Post by: TiUser on August 28, 2008, 12:02:30 pm
interesting that you mention HW.

I am testing VSTi stuff on a comparably weak P4 system - compared to todays core dual quad standards - too and I have to say than many problems are system configuration related.

On PC's there are too many processes running having nothing to do with making sound... kill them all and you get much better performance and reduce trouble to zero.

While discovering that truth - don't run music software on your office PC - use the best machine you have availiable - I ask myself what the difference is to hardware... as you need best a dedicated PC for music which is hardware cost too.

Some guys say PC sounds bad... ok, but it does sound great if you use a really great audio interface...

Some guys say PC's have latency... well, forget that if you have a PCI based audio solution, that's fast, just dump the USB or FireWire stuff...

This list can be continued, the point is so much trouble with PC is simply because it is not easy to configure it well for music making and if you will find that you should not run your office software or web broser on it... AND... if you have started optimizing you'll find that this hardware isn't really cheap then...

So beware blaming software for issues it can't solve and come back to those issues only related to the programs itself - which is, of course, sometimes hard to figure out...

...finally, using a keyboard workstation may be restrictive but it works right out of the box, so it isn't an outdated approach for those who want making musik instantly on hardware that simply works.

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