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Title: Analog Factory Experience Upgrade Pack Announcement
Post by: Martin Hines on January 16, 2008, 09:33:03 pm
Arturia has posted information regarding the "Analog Factory Experience Upgrade Pack":

The upgrade pack is for two groups of customers:
-- AF 1.x customers who want to add the AF keyboard controller
-- AF 2.0 customers who purchased the AF 2.0 software only

As an existing AF 1.x customer, I was disappointed by the upgrade price -- 199 Euros/ $249.
Title: Analog Factory Experience Upgrade Pack Announcement
Post by: Gramarye on January 21, 2008, 02:18:44 am
Greets, Martin - how you been ?

First, thanks for your excellent clarification on the licensing issue in the other thread.  I'm glad someone took the initiative.

I'm in agreement with you on the upgrade price for the Experience controller.  I've got all their software products except Brass and was hoping for a "loyal customer" break which Arturia doesn't seem really interested in offering on any additional products.  Thing is, for $249 there are several 49-key and a few 61-key midi controllers with capabilities equal to and even beyond what the Experience offers.  It IS esthetic...even 'cute' but rather limiting, I would think, for anything short of limited-range bass lines and single-handed lead work.  I assume it will control Arturia's other synths as well even though I've not seen that mentioned in the description.  

I understand that cost is a real issue when getting into  a different aspect of production but I would think a customer's ownership of other company products could allow Arturia to take a slight 'hit' on upgrade pricing - unless, of course, the "I already gotcha" mentality (demonstated by other VSTi companies not to be mentioned here) has crossed the borders into France.  

I take it the $249 upgrade price to be a sign of things to come when (or if) Origin is to be released.  I assume customer loyalty won't count there, either.  Of course, I can always save my $249, add some to it, and prchase a competitor's hardware synth that can also function as a midi controller to run the Arturia software I already own......(Analog Factory included).


Title: Analog Factory Experience Upgrade Pack Announcement
Post by: haggisboy on January 21, 2008, 08:26:43 pm
Hi there  just thought I'd ad my support to you guys about the price of the keyboard   as I have to pay in euros by the time it is converted it will cost me 150 pounds which my american buddy works out at 300 dollars  in todays market so forgive me if any brand loyalty comes into question.   If I manage to sell my original af with upgrade for 100 and then buy the whole package for 299 euros (225 pounds)  then id save 25 pounds but have a lot of hassle over it.
but on the subject of superb customer service   I bought secondhand a MFB Synth lite 2 on ebay and unfortunately it didnt work when I received it so I phoned Manfred Fricke who designs and builds them and explained that I didnt buy it from him direct but he then told me to send it to him with 10 euros for return postage to me and he would repair it free of charge anyway  Now thats what I call customer service   If you havent seen his synths already  check him out at

cheers ross