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Title: Minibrute / Korg Volca
Post by: rasp on September 29, 2013, 09:43:10 pm

I'm curious to know if anyone has tried the Minibrute with the Korg Volca series. Are they able to pilot the Minibrute and vice versa or are there connectivity issues?

I am not aware of the specs for the Volca so would like to know if some light could be shed.

Title: Re: Minibrute / Korg Volca
Post by: beefinator on September 30, 2013, 03:23:26 am
AFAIK, both only do slave MIDI sync.  And the minibrute doesn't have any sync IO exactly like the volca does.  So no way to directly link them like you could link two volcas with the analog sync ports, or either the minibrute or the volca to another MIDI sync master device.

But...  you could do something interesting with the gate output of the MB.  I believe the volcas expect a rising or falling edge (you can customize this) gate signal for every two steps, i.e. an eighth-note pulse if you're using each step of the volca sequencer as a 16th note.
So you could in theory run an arpeggiation on the MB, and get a volca thing syncing to that.  You'd just have 2 volca sequencer steps per Minibrute arpeggiator steps.

You could also do the reverse, using the volca sync output to drive the MB gate input, but that would be less interesting, because it would just trigger the last note played repeatedly; the MB can't (at least right now, not sure if it could be added in a firmware update), say, make the arpeggiator run off of an external clock instead of its internal tempo (or the tempo specified by MIDI sync)

The thoughts above don't consider the possibility of modding.  The volcas have a super easy MIDI out mod, apparently, with the relevant connection labeled clearly on the PCB.  I imagine it would be ridiculously awesome to route the volca bass's sequencer to the minibrute.  And then you could also run the volca bass thru the MB filter...   
I plan on getting a volca bass sometime.   ;D
Title: Re: Minibrute / Korg Volca
Post by: rasp on September 30, 2013, 08:27:02 am
Thanks for your informative reply. I think modding sounds the most interesting. I'll look into this further!
Title: Re: Minibrute / Korg Volca
Post by: glitch34 on November 13, 2013, 12:42:28 pm
I am running MB and Volca Beats in sync, but sending master clock from Ableton to MB And Volca separately. It's a blast :)
Title: Re: Minibrute / Korg Volca
Post by: T3k on November 13, 2013, 09:43:09 pm
I use the Volca Bass as my doctor recommended, but also as a nice 3-osc option for the audio in on the MB. Hello mono triads!

The only problem is: the MIDI out of the MB has velocity, so unless you pound hard on the keys, the Volca responds with messy volume fluctuations. Soft, loud, medium, all over the map.

You can't turn off velocity in on the Volca - maybe can we get an "off" option (as a curve perhaps) from the MiniBrute, editable on the connection software?

Could be an easy update...
Title: Re: Minibrute / Korg Volca
Post by: snowcrash on November 15, 2013, 03:57:34 pm
I recently synced my Volca Bass to the Minibrute using the gate-out of the Brute to clock-in on the Volca. The Volca doubles the incoming clock and you'll have to change the volca's Sync In polarity to "fall" to be 100% in sync. Although it's limited by the doubling tempo issue I got very tight results. It also gives nice results when using the Microbrute's sequencer adding rests to the gate signal.