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Title: MiniMg compatibility
Post by: Gothboy on July 29, 2006, 08:29:39 pm
I don't as of yet own any Arturia products but it's looking like I want to so I'm posting here for any info on these 2 synths.  Is it really true that both the MiniMg V and the CS-80 have system requirements that meet those of my older Macintosh and Digi system? I can't believe it! They look like they are backwards compatible with older versions of Pro Tools going back to 5.1 and maybe 5.0.  Can I use them as an RTAS plugin with those older versions of Pro Tools?  I'm using a 500mhz. dual processor Mac with 768mgs. of RAM and a Digidesign 001 audio interface and soundcard running Pro Tools 6.1 and 6.4 in OSX and 5.1 in OS9.  I also use Pro Tools Free 5.0.1 aside from that which doesn't use a soundcard and utilizes Sound Manager on the Mac.  I looked over the compatibility matrix and it looks like both of these should work with both my computer and Digidesign hardware/software but I wanted to make sure before I buy eit her.  It looks like the MiniMg V might not work with PT version 5.0 but the CS-80 might....can you clarify this for me? I considered the G-Force(now M-audio) line of products but they are too CPU heavy for my computer.  Now it looks as if I might have found not one, but two great softsynths that might actually work for me.  Any info would be helpful as I can't get any answers from Arturia.....I guess you have to own the products first before you get ANY email answers from them.