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Title: Minibrute problems! Filter, oscillator, LFO, firmware?
Post by: Dragulasbruder on August 22, 2013, 02:42:33 pm

Brute is having some serious issues, incluing:

1. Dramatic pitch wobble (stabilized. I think? For now?)

2. No signal at all from noise oscillator output

3. Metalizer only serves to turn the tri wave volume down

4. Cutoff knob only working over a tiny fraction of its range, even with LFO and EG maxed out.

5. LFO acting strangely, always slightly affecting cutoff even at 0%, when VCA amount is played with it's either weird distortion with negative modulation, and dying signal with positive modulation.

Have not tried the ext. input yet.

I tried to fix the pitch by updating the firmware to 1.0.2, which seemed to exacerbate and create some of the other problems.  Then I changed it to 1.0.1, both the regular way and with the bootloader method (Power+Oct Up+Oct Dwn). The pitch is ok now, and the weird stuff with the resonance and non-firing envelope is resolved too. But above issues all still remain but the pitch.

Anyone have similar problems? Can anyone offer a solution? I'm going to let this sit overnight and then try bootloading again in the morning?

Thanks guys, sorry my first post is such a bummer.  :(