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Title: Running Analog Lab on two machines without USB Lock ?!
Post by: Lovesound on June 26, 2013, 04:57:23 pm
Hi there.
I just bought MiniLab with Analog Lab and would like to use the software on my MacPro (in the Studio) and on my Labtop (MacBook Pro) but without carrying around (and forgetting...) the USB Lock (eLicense) ? Is it possible with Arturia Software to authorise it on 2 machines ? I am using a lot Native Instruments stuff, Pianoteq,... and there you have 3 licenses. It would also be good to know, since I am planing to create a slave machine (MacPro) in the near future and I would like to have the Arturia Stuff on both setups (for more flexibility).
Hopefully someone can clarify this for me.

Title: Re: Running Analog Lab on to machines without USB Lock ?!
Post by: encore1 on June 27, 2013, 08:35:06 am

 I don't think it is possible without buying agin some new licences. I had the same problem in the past as I needed to share the same dongle between my 'fixed' PC in my little 'home studio' in my basement and the portable one which is "travelling" by definition. I had to buy another USB dongle and a V-Collection licence (I bought previously the "10 years aniversary box".  Hopefully sometime Arturia is doing some offers at reduced price...) 
I recently bought the analog lab and which is a very nice piece of software but unfortunately I cannot use it on both machines unless I remember to move my dongle with me everytime... which is rather 'boring' (staying polite) sometime.

=> Therefore I am supporting your request to be able to use the software I paid for on at least 2 machines. I have the Pianoteq too, which as you said allows 3 licences,  and the AAS lounge Lizard 4 & the sonicproject OP-X PRO II which are only protected by serials and it is just fine form me.

Being a software developer myslef, I fully understand Arturia has to protect their -huge- work by a dongle but they should consider at least a licence on two machines with the software you paid once. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Cheers, Eric