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Title: re-registering and upgrades? need help thank you
Post by: Melk01 on June 22, 2013, 08:35:52 pm
Hello Arturia Forum,

I just moved from CA to the East Coast. Before I left my 13" Macbook (Leopard) died and so I now I have a Macbook Pro with crossgrade - upgrade (from M-Powered) Pro Tools 10.  In 2008 a friend of mine bought me the ARP plugin with a buy one get one free code, so I downloaded the ARP and in addition with the code got the Prophet V. 
I am pro - musician who records for film, and other media, and I use these plugins (i'm not a modular whiz but have had the pleasure of working with folks who owned actual ARPS etc) so I love the sounds and need to write a tune using my plug-ins within the next few days. 
Here's my specs: 
MacBook Pro 13 "
Pro Tools 10 Crossgrade / Upgrade
Mountain Lion 10.8.4
I have the Arturia dongle - which only contains info on the Prophet and my ARP box with the card that has  my ARP license #.
They ask for a serial number on Arturia's site not a license #. I can't remember if I registered them as it was from 2008.
I don't know how to get these plugins working on my new system and need to write for a film now. 
If anyone can help I'd be very appreciative. I've tried the registration on Arturia's site but my info isn't matching.
I wrote to them, but I need a quicker response. Thanks in advance!
PS - I installed the eLicenser, and it doesn't seem to help