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Title: Spark Multi out, Channels 2 - 16?
Post by: stuey on June 18, 2013, 02:55:43 pm
Back in the days of Spark 1.4 when there were lots of new ideas coming through, I mentioned on here as many others did. Why, when adding spark into a DAW do you get only 15 outs, when you have 16 drums? Why do these also start at ch 2 and not ch 1? In something like Kontact you have similar operation where you can muli out an instrument and output via the plug in menu, but the difference being you can start at ch 1. Is this possible, so that we can just route ch 1 through to ch 16 to the normal pads. As it is we have to decide what drum we aren't going to use and edit the patch accordingly. Do we use 16 pads in a session, probably not, but with other sampling capabilities Spark has, it's useful to have as much in a single plug in as possible.

Thanks, Stuart 
Title: Re: Spark Multi out, Channels 2 - 15 ?
Post by: Kevin on June 19, 2013, 08:53:42 am
Hi Stuart,
the problem is that some DAW let us to only have up to 16 outputs.
So if we want to keep the master out it let us only 15 extra outputs.
We could do like Kontakt that uses 2 differents version of the plugin, one with only one stereo out and one with 16 stereo out.
It will let us to assign one output to each instrument, but what do we do with the 2 Aux?
Title: Re: Spark Multi out, Channels 2 - 16?
Post by: stuey on June 25, 2013, 12:53:00 am
Hi KEvin

Could this 2nd version of the plug in save the outputs? I'm finding that when I set up a multi out session, the minute I change a drum kit, all my outputs revert to master. So if we were able to save a set of outputs to that plug in while having Ch1 to 16, then that would be great. Again, Kontact have a similar thing where you can save the outputs to a preset. I rarely use Kontact as I prefer Spark and although some of the Synths are nice I have all Artutia V collection which I also prefer to use, but I think that the way Kontact use their plug in save a lot of time when setting up sessions

Thanks, Stuart
Title: Re: Spark Multi out, Channels 2 - 16?
Post by: Kevin on June 25, 2013, 09:04:42 am
The problem with this multi out plugin would be that we can not assign the 2 return track to extra output (we have only 16 out but 18 sources). So we can not do that.
We have considered giving the possibility to the user to save presets of routing.
Can not tell you when it will be done.

Title: Re: Spark Multi out, Channels 2 - 16?
Post by: stuey on June 25, 2013, 11:45:01 am
Hi Kevin

I can live with mapping Ch 2 to Ch 16. Mapping the outputs to channels then saving them in that state would be more important in my opinion. Currently I save a Pro Tools template which preserves the ch mappings, although I have to save that with the preferred kit. If I could save that routing regardless of what kit I had set up, that would be grand!

Thanks, Stuart