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Title: Sprak + Minibrute <ith arpeggio : synching while Spark stops...
Post by: on June 11, 2013, 08:44:18 pm
Hello !

I've a Spark hardware + a MiniBrute. I'd like use the Spark (stand-alone) as the Master Clock for the MiniBrute. So I've linked them via a MIDI cable and set MIDI clock out enable  on the spark.

The problem is : When the Spark's sequencer is on stop, the MiniBrute doesn't received any clock, so the tempo of its arpegiator switches to the MiniBrute knob value.

How can I do to play live with my favorite instruments ? I need to keep the TEMPO value of the Spark sent to the Minibrute during some presets/drums sample setting  changes on Spark...

My solution today : having a blanck pattern in each scene...

Thaaan yoou !   

Love Arturia !