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Title: Presets Crash my Cubase 7
Post by: Mugr on June 05, 2013, 12:17:55 am
Whenever I save a preset on my new track (Starting with Toypiano), the project crashes during my next start-up of cubase 7...Using Windows 8 64-Bit, Cubase 7 32-Bit....
Title: Re: Presets Crash my Cubase 7
Post by: Walterrruiz on December 18, 2018, 11:36:01 am
But almost the same thing happens in my case even though I run Cubase 9.5 Pro. Diversity is that I can load it in a new project and as the first VST. It loads pretty fast but if I try loads it in a already started project. It first starts to think before it crashes and Cubase hangs. Itís a bummer since I loved to play around with it in the demo that worked like a charm. So I guess it has great to do with the network list. Something since that is the only thing that is unlike now than when I ran the demo. I thought it was better to buy it directly up from the shop than from the buy or sell forum or the rent to buy option. Now I should have gone with the last two options since I get very unhappy. When things you buy donít work after you done what you can to check if it does or not. It actually crashed the first time I tried to activate my license but second time it worked. I may add that I work offline with my computer. It should have asked for offline registration or something. But as it does this even when Iím online it makes me wonder what has gone wrong. Your computer system meets or beats least system requirements. Your software uses plug-ins and video drivers are friendly. Also check whether installed and updated to the latest versions. The hardware drivers are dongle MIDI. The audio are compatible installed and updated to the latest versions. Background running applications are minimized to optimize system act and reduce clashes. Knowing how Cubase/Nuendo operates and then following these plans. These are vital parts for maintaining a trustworthy music production system.