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Title: elicenser Dongle (Two Computers)
Post by: dhardway on March 17, 2013, 04:04:22 pm

I use my recently purchased V-Collection, primarily, on one main computer (Computer "A"), however from time-to-time I use another computer (Computer "B") from editing patches, etc.  I purchased a Steinberg USB eLicenser and thought that I only need to use it when on "B" and that the soft-eLicense was still active on "B"; am I mistakened? 

I did a "transfer" of my liscense to the USB dongle and when using "A" I get prompted to authorize my product.  I thought that I read somewhere that you would not need to do this but ONLY need the USB for instances where I am using Computer B.  Are my assumptions incorrect or did I follow the incorrect process when I "transferred" my license to the dongle.  If I followed the incorrect process how do I "transfer" the license back to the original computer (Computer A), meaning take it off the USB dongle entirely (thus going back to the original state).

Is there a workaround that maintains the authorization of Computer A, while using the dongle only on Computer B?

NOTE: My USB ports are on the back of Computer A and it is a physical challenge to readily get access to this area due to wiring, etc.  Thus if I must go back and forth, I'd rather just have the software authorized on Computer A.  I have a bad back which is the only reason why I need to use the secondary computer in the first place.

Title: Re: elicenser Dongle (Two Computers)
Post by: Rebecca@arturia on March 18, 2013, 11:52:37 pm
Hello Dhardway,

The license is stored on the dongle so you would need to the USB plugged into whatever computer you are working on.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.



Title: Re: elicenser Dongle (Two Computers)
Post by: Poplocker on June 22, 2013, 05:38:55 am
I'm unable to activate my Arturia Lab into my 2nd computer as well. I tried copying and pasting the activation code into my ilok manager but it only lets me copy 4 parts out of the 8 total and under each part is a red x. Then I tried manually entering the activation code but my ilok manager won't accept letters. Am I supposed to apply for a new activation code? Please help...

thanks in advanced!
Title: Re: elicenser Dongle (Two Computers)
Post by: midinut on August 16, 2013, 04:09:17 pm
I have the V-Collection installed on my studio PC and on my laptop. Both are activated and I do have to move my dongle from machine to machine.

I'm curious about something. If I were to buy another dongle from Steinberg, transfer my licenses to it (let's call it for backup purposes and safekeeping), could I leave one dongle in one machine and the other in the second? Inquiring minds want to know.

Considering I have other licenses on my dongle (Cubase 7, Korg Legacy, etc) I'd still probably get a third dongle and put it in my fireproof safe just to protect my investments.
Title: Re: elicenser Dongle (Two Computers)
Post by: Rebecca@arturia on September 06, 2013, 10:01:19 pm
Sorry for the Late Reply,  I've been busy and haven't been able to get on the forums!

Licenses can only be stored in one place.  So you wouldn't be able to have two USBs with the same code installed on them. 

We're also not using iLok, so the iLok keys are not compatible with us.