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Title: Arturia Spark in pro Tools : Help requested pls
Post by: dude163 on February 12, 2013, 04:36:13 pm
Hi all

I have an arturia Spark and it doesnt behave as expected in Pro Tools ( M Powered 9.0)

when I create a MIDI track it doesnt record any data , and leaves the track empty, but if I replay the tune ( Tune A ), it will play the pattern that I programmed into the Spark

BUT: if I start to work on another tune ( Tune B) , it keeps the same pattern ( From Tune A) , and if I amend it for the new tune ( B) and go back to the original one ( tune A) , it now has the pattern from tune B :(

the only workarounds I have found are

1: use a bus to record the spark as audio data
2: Drag the MIDI data to a new track, THEN it works as expected

Am I missing something here ? or is there a trick to getting it to work in Pro Tools