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Title: int osc frequency... why is it stepped and not smooth?
Post by: starbearer on January 26, 2013, 06:08:48 am
When using a real analog synth one of my favorite things to do is to detune or mess with the oscillator tunings live. But... I realize here... it does in steps... so its not smooth. I think this kinda takes away a bit... Is it because the program for just the oscillators are so complex that doing that would be hard? if so... is it in the works to eventually have parameters that aren't so stepped sounding?

Other than that I love this program. Makes it so I don't actually have to buy the real thing... I'm just bummed that I can't really do one of my absolute favorite things on here.

In its defense though... even a few hardware digital synths have this too... still... if this is to be a true emulation... obviously there's one HUGE step to be made here... make the oscillator tuning smooth and not stepped. Again... I realize this is probably a huge undertaking. It would be worth it though.

I'm editing the post here... would be nice to give the option on all three oscillators to be tuned just like on the real thing. Where the course tuners cover the entire spectrum... not just a within a couple of octaves at a time. I want to be able to assign all three oscillator course tuners to my controller and make each go from 20hz all the way up to the top. And also again... not sound stepped, but smooth all the way through.
Title: Re: int osc frequency... why is it stepped and not smooth?
Post by: starbearer on February 25, 2013, 08:03:11 am
My main post from a few weeks ago is pretty valid I'd say... why won't the moderator offer up any acknowledgement?

I'm looking a lot of posts where there just isn't being a whole lot of conversation being offered up.

Now... I've gotten really good costumer support through the emails and stuff, but you guys created this forum. Not sure if you ever been on forums (whoever is moderating this one), but forums like gearsluts, or tapeop... now that there are really decent forums were the moderators aren't afraid to get involved and help make people welcome... which... this is different. Because unlike those two forums I just mentioned... we are your costumers... Wouldn't it make sense (dollars and cents) if you were to really get more involved in these forums? Sure... your product sells itself, but costumer support creates loyalty. Don't be so sure that someone else won't come out with a rival analog software/hardware that'll give you a run for your money... Its your customer loyalty which you can cultivate here by touching on the low response posts and offer at least some acknowledgements thats going to help ensure that when competition pops up that we stick with you folks.

In the end... don't get me wrong. I really like Arturia. I just think you folks are capable of being way bigger... just gotta not be afraid to put yourselves out there... I'd love to make the invitation as a loving shop with us. Let us know you play synths too and that you care about what we think about your products.