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Title: Help with a bass patch:-(
Post by: Red5xwingdriver on March 23, 2006, 06:40:56 pm
Hey everyone, I'm new here.  I've been trying to recreate for some time the same (or similar) bass patch that was used by Chicago (or David Foster, as he said he used the miniMg for his basses back then EXCLUSIVELY) on their early 80's song "Hard to Say I'm Sorry".  I know that it probably involved using the sawtooth waves at octave to each other,  detuning them,  setting the oscillators at the 32' or 16' ranges, as well as using a lower setting for the filter.  No matter how I experiment, I just can't seem to recreate it.  I seemed to get closer using my JV-1010, so I KNOW that I'm doing something wrong because this virtual beast is capable of doing it!  Anyway, I also read online at a different site that anaolog compressors were used for extra punch do I also use a compressor plugin?  Anyway, thanx in advance for any advice :D