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Title: Trying to pay for my VCollection 9 installment, but there seems to be a problem
Post by: Rumberg on July 15, 2022, 12:29:18 pm
So I bought the VCollection 9 by choosing the 4-term payment method. I am currently trying to pay for my 2nd payment, but there seems to be a problem.
The problem? When they tried to take the money automatically from my account, they could not do that. Why? I have ten different accounts (savings, investment, fun money, household-related money, etc.) tied to my bank account. The main one, connected with my CC, is almost always empty as I manually transfer funds there. After the 1st attempt to charge my CC, I received a message from Arturia saying, "We will automatically retry on the following date: 2022/07/15 13:01". So I put money on my main account for that time, but it's already 13:52, and they still haven't tried to charge that + I don't like to keep spare money on my main account tied to the credit card.

How on earth hasn't Arturia been able to build a payment system, similar to Splice, for example, where you can initiate the payment automatically from your side. The current experience is just plain bad. It's 2022, not 1998 anymore. Build a better payment system!

Oh, and I also contacted their Customer Support 24 hours ago, but they still haven't gotten back to me.