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Title: minibrute 2s
Post by: dewaynejacobson on June 22, 2022, 09:38:25 pm
Howdy sorry to post on the overall discussion yet need some assistance. I purchased a minibrute 2s new a half year prior, and following several months saw a bizarre commotion on the channel handle, similar to a horrendous contortion at specific focuses on the dial. I'm contemplating whether this is only the channel or whether it's damaged? I'm genuinely sure it is damaged as when you adjust the channel clear with the envelope, this disagreeable sound isn't there, right when you turn the channel dial physically. I've been living with it for some time currently yet becoming a piece ill of it. Video appended, if anybody with this synth can check whether I'm right on this, that sounds astounding.
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I would expect a channel tidy to be an up signal however this isn't, it seems as though wind hitting a receiver making the sign snap and break. I'm mindful the reverberation is at 50/60% yet on the off chance that anything this simply highlights the issue, and as I say a tweaked channel tidy with the envelope delivers the up solid I hope to hear without this bending. Model in the video, thanks ahead of time!
Title: Re: minibrute 2s
Post by: Funtmaster on June 23, 2022, 03:17:29 pm
You description of the problem is hard to understand.

If you bought this new 6 months ago and it was from a dealer and you believe there to be a problem, perhaps you should return it under warranty.